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Arts & Culture

How do the arts bring us together?

Art exhibits, film screenings, author lectures, theatrical productions and dance recitals. Where else are there so many opportunities to share diverse experiences and bring community together? Together we welcome new worlds into ours, opening our eyes and minds to ideas.

Please give – so that the arts can continue to entertain and inspire our community.

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Camp Shalom

How can we turn summer fun into a lifetime of memories?

We’ve been making memories for over 60 years.  Children at Camp Shalom and the other JCC camps grow in ways that can only happen during their summer vacations – when life skills and lessons are learned, friendships are created, and confidence is built.  There is nothing quite like summer camp.

Please give – and keep the memories alive for our children and our community.

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Early Childhood Centers

Where does the journey begin?

Thousands of children of all faiths have benefitted from our preschools – where a world of firsts awaits them, where they become part of a community, where they learn Jewish values and traditions, where they are respected, nurtured and loved. What other place do children leave so prepared for the next adventure of their lives? 

Please give – so that children can always have the JCC as a place to start their journeys.

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Endowment Fund

How do we make sure that the JCC is strong for future generations?

Our Endowment Funds ensure that the JCC can sustain its vibrant community of caring, sharing and growing together.  Each gift to the endowment fund is like planting a seed that, with professional care and attention, will bear fruit and benefit future generations.

Please give – so that future generations can have a strong and vibrant JCC.

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Family Room

How do new parents embark on the most wonderful adventure in the world?

There is nothing more gratifying, more important or more overwhelming than being a parent. That’s why the JCC has the Family Room, a safe, warm and welcoming destination for young families. Where else can your children play while you visit with other parents and get parenting tips from skilled professionals? 

Please give – so that parents and children will always learn and grow together at the JCC.

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Jewish & Israel Programs

How big is the tent at the JCC?

We all connect to the Jewish experience and Israel differently, which is why everyone is welcome here; regardless of their beliefs.  We provide tools and resources, but we don’t provide prescriptions – so when people connect at the JCC, they do it on their own terms.  At the same time, we all are part of one community, informed by universal Jewish values that provide a diversity of opportunities.

Please give – so we can continue to invite everyone to our celebration of our culture and traditions. 

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Recreation & Wellness

How do you make a whole community stronger?

The Mandell JCC has made us a stronger community in more ways than one. From children first finding out that fitness can be fun to seniors staying healthier, our fitness center offers a welcoming, non-intimidating environment that encourages wellness and healthy habits through an impressive array of classes, equipment and expert staff.
Please give – and help our community grow stronger and live longer.

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Scholarship Fund

How does the JCC open its doors?

We have a century of commitment to ensuring that no one is denied a JCC experience because of financial limitations.  In addition to free and low-fee programs and activities, financial aid is available for those who cannot pay the full fees for membership, summer camp, preschool and programs. 

Please give – so that we can keep our promise that “everyone belongs here.”

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Senior Adult Programs

Where is real social security at the JCC?

Where else do you have the same friends at the same place for 75 years – or even a new best friend at 80? There is a wide selection of programs, activities, and classes that support living life well and independently. Here you can find community at every age. 

Please give – so that our family, friends and neighbors have a lifetime connection to the JCC.

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Special Needs

What does “you belong here” really mean?

Our commitment to being an inclusive community is never clearer than when you see people with developmental disabilities participating in JCC activities, as well as in their music and art classes, social clubs, and group activities. Welcoming everyone, regardless of their abilities, is what community is truly about. 

Please give - so that everyone can say “I belong here.”

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Swim Team

How do our children make waves?

Children join the Sharks Swim Team where they first test the waters of teamwork, spirit, competition and sportsmanship.  Families come together as one community and cheer on their swimmers as they discover the joy of participation and accomplishment, victories and friendships that they will cherish forever.

Please give – to help our swimmers continue to build character through camaraderie and community.

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Youth Theater

Where do our children’s talents take center stage?

Where else can you come together with a new cast and crew to memorize the lines, sing the songs, learn the dances, paint the sets and find the props  – and it all comes together in one big and wonderful show?  The self-confidence, the friendships, the memories, the applause, the audiences of family and friends.  It’s all made possible by the JCC’s Youth Theater. 

Please give – and help  every child feel like a star.

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