Beatrice Fox Auerbach Early Childhood Center

335 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford

For detailed information, registration and availability:
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The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Early Childhood Center (ECC) is the Mandell JCC’s NAEYC Accredited early childhood center. Our program gives children a variety of opportunities to master social, emotional and physical tasks of each developmental stage in a healthy, safe and caring environment that welcomes children and families of all backgrounds. 


Our teachers are qualified professionals who have the interests of your child and family at heart. Staff is certified in First Aid and CPR and participates in ongoing professional development and training. Our high child-to-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives optimum attention.


Licensing and Accreditation

The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Early Childhood Center Infant/Toddler Program and Preschool are licensed through the Office of Early Childhood from the State of Connecticut and from the Connecticut Department of Health. We are proudly accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

NAEYC is dedicated to improving the well-being of young children. By receiving accreditation, our preschool has voluntarily met strict professional standards and specific criteria for early childhood education programs that help families identify top quality programs. Through NAEYC, the Mandell JCC has proven a commitment to the highest quality early childhood education. The school has an open door policy. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the program by participating on various committees, attending family social events and educational opportunities. We encourage a close connection between home and school.


*Flexible schedules are available in many age groups.*


Infant/Toddler Full-Day Program


Our Infant/Toddler program is part of the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Early Childhood Center. This full-day program is designed to give young children a variety of opportunities to explore the world around them. Individualized care and learning is provided throughout each developmental stage within a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that strengthens each child’s quest for independence. In order to strengthen bonding and attachment, children remain with their teachers throughout the entire school year. Classrooms are carefully designed with an abundance of developmentally appropriate materials that provoke a variety of artistic and sensory experiences.

After starting in the Infant/Toddler program, your child can transition to the preschool, summer camps, and after-school programs.

Priority is given to families registering for 5 full-days.  

For more Information on the Infant/Toddler program, contact: Nichele Shanahan,, 860-231-6381

Infant/Toddler Calendar (PDF)

IT Waitlist Form (PDF)



Preschool – 3’s and 4’s


To promote growth in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical areas of development, teachers design learning experiences based on the children’s interests. Known as an emergent curriculum, teachers and children collaborate to resource and research topics of study, igniting curiosity and fostering a love of learning. This play-based program supports children as they find their voice in the classroom, with rich opportunities for cooperation, self-expression, problem-solving, and independence.

Half-day and full-day options are available. A special dimension of our program is the opportunity for children to participate in additional JCC classes through our Family Room and PE department.

For more information about the 3’s program, contact: Nichele Shanahan,, 860-231-6381

For more information about the 4’s program, contact: Andrea Rosenfield Short,, 860-231-6310

> Preschool Calendar (PDF)

> Preschool Waitlist Form (PDF)

Afternoon programming for 4 year-old classes

> Afternoon Enrichment for 4’s (PDF)



Transitional Kindergarten


The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Early Childhood Center offers Transitional Kindergarten (TK), an innovative program developed by experts in early childhood education. Designed for children who will turn five by December 31, this five day program is ideal for children who are “young” or who might benefit from an another year to develop socially, emotionally, physically and/or academically before moving onto a public or private kindergarten program. With a small class size and a focus on individual learning styles, this inquiry, play based environment encourages creative expression and critical thinking, problem-solving and risk-taking. All of these components factor into a solid foundation for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Half-day and full day options are available.

For more information on the TK program, contact: Andrea Rosenfield Short,, 860-231-6310


> Afternoon Enrichment for TK (PDF)



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