A Message to our JCC Members

Dear Mandell JCC Members,
First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are remaining safe and healthy during this COVID-19 coronavirus worldwide pandemic. We thank so many of you who have reached out in concern for the Mandell JCC. This means a great deal to us during these unprecedented and challenging times.
As you know, the Mandell JCC, along with all other “non-essential” businesses in the State, continues to be closed. Our staff continues to build our online presence with an array of classes which can be found on our engagement page with the schedules for Facebook Live activities along with links to YouTube. Since implementing virtual programming, nearly 1,000 people have signed up for our Facebook Fitness Friends and Youth Sports & Rec groups in an effort to stay active and engaged with our JCC community. Through these difficult times the Mandell JCC remains committed to our members, our staff and the entire community.
We hope that you will continue to invest in your membership to support and sustain our agency during this challenging time. This will help enormously in supporting our staff’s efforts to provide ongoing virtual programming and ensuring that the JCC will be here for you on the other side of this crisis.
The next payment date is April 1st. If you do not send an email to one of the addresses below by March 29, we will, until you tell us otherwise, continue to withdraw your usual charge and your dues will be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation.
You do not need to contact us if you have already made arrangements for your dues going forward.
Please send an email to this address if you want us to decrease or increase your monthly withdrawal. This will also be considered a charitable donation.
Send an email to this address to let us know that you want to freeze your membership and stop all withdrawals until the JCC reopens and your membership is re-activated. There will be no rejoin fees.
Use this option to let us know to cancel your membership and not re-activate it upon reopening. There may be a rejoin fee to activate cancelled memberships.
Until the Mandell JCC re-opens, all unused class and program fees are being held as credits and can be used through June 2021.
Our members mean the world to us and we are grateful for your support and concern. We wish you, your families, friends and neighbors health and strength during these challenging times. We will do all we can to serve you and the community in the coming days, and look forward to welcoming everyone back to the Mandell JCC.
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