Camp Shalom counselors

JCC Spotlight: From Campers to Counselors


You may be surprised to learn that one of the programs our JCC spends a lot of time and resources on is Youth Employment.  Throughout the year we employ many teens and young adults as afterschool counselors, lifeguards, gym attendants and babysitters, but each summer those numbers jump to over 200 in our various summer programs.  We are proud to serve the community by giving these kids a way to train, develop skills and earn money… many for the first time.

At Camp Shalom we are always grateful that the experience our campers have stay with them and call them back to be staff when they are old enough to work.  Our “Leader -In-Training” and “Counselor- In-Training” programs help our youth and teens get ready for the possibility of becoming members of our staff team, but for most of those who end up working at the camp, they have a pure love of the people and the place that gave them so much in their youth.

We are so proud of the dedication, commitment and evolving leadership skills we see from these young people who were once our campers and are now our staff.  Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Camp is a family that I come back to every year, and  I’m glad that I have contributed as a camper and a counselor.”  Sarah P.

“Camp shalom has been a family to me since 2005. It has been a place where I have grown as a person and a friend.  I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything.”   Hannah M.

“Camp Shalom has been a blessing on both sides.  Being a counselor makes me feel like I’ve had the torch passed down to me, to lead.” Patrick K.

Shown in the photo are some of the Camp Shalom counselors who grew up at the camp and now work there, along with Camp Director Karen Wyckoff and Assistant Camp Director Colby Wyckoff.


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