J Weekly May 17-23

With our JCC Giving Gratitude Day approaching, we wanted to take a chance to remind everyone what gratitude means to us, and how it can make a difference.
“How strange we are in the world, and how presumptuous our doings! Only one response can maintain us: gratefulness for witnessing the wonder, for the gift of our unearned right to serve, to adore, and to fulfill. It is gratefulness which makes the soul great.”
-Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, 20th Century Philosopher, Theologian, Activist
We hope you take this message to heart as we enter the coming days, and recognize what gratitude means to you.
During this challenging time, it is important for us to pause and express our thanks.
Join us on Tuesday, May 19 for our first-ever #JCCGivingGratitude Day on the Mandell JCC Facebook page.
The day will allow us to say THANK YOU to our members, donors, staff and neighbors who have participated so enthusiastically and have supported us so generously during this time.
From joyful videos that tell the stories of how we have come together as a community in new ways, to heartfelt thank you messages from our staff, plus a special treat from our adorable ECC children – the JCC will bring the feeling of gratitude to life.
You can help us give thanks to our Mandell JCC community and staff who are working hard to sustain us during this challenging time. Be a part of our #JCCGIVINGGRATITUDE day and celebrate the spirit of communal generosity.
Here’s How:
Don’t wait until May 19. You can join the TikTok #GratitudeAttitude Dance Challenge RIGHT NOW and put your gratitude on display. And be sure to invite your friends and family to the challenge, too!
Just learn the TikTok #GratitudeAttitude dance, post and tag the @MandellJCC_CT with #GratitudeAttitude and #JCCGivingGratitude
JCC's from around the globe continue to together to create the ULTIMATE community for you! The Virtual J platform allows JCCs to share youth and family programming, fitness classes, film festivals and more.
All you have to do is register your name and email and you will have access to our ever growing community.
Don't have Facebook or Zoom, the Virtual J is the perfect platform to watch live streams and more.
May 19 - May 27 | The Great Big Jewish Food Festival | Facebook, Zoom, Instagram
The Great Big Jewish Food Fest seeks to celebrate the diversity of Jewish food, from its rich global history, its diversity of flavors and identities, its religious and cultural foundations, and its intersection with modernity. Food plays a powerful role in the transmission of familial and collective history, the weaving of our social fabric, and the activation of our personal identities.
Sunday, May 17 | 1:00 p.m. | Zoom and Facebook Live
Daniel Hendler, one of the co-writers of the hit new Netflix miniseries UNORTHODOX, sits down with the J’s Pamela Lavitt for a special lunchtime Divan-a-Thon on Sunday, May 17. The show, loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s memoir, tells the story of a woman who flees her ultra-Orthodox life in Brooklyn to start over in Berlin. Responses have ranged from heady praise to quibbling about authenticity. Watch the series on Netflix and then join us for a discussion. Bring your questions!
This “new normal” has left many of us feeling helpless, looking for new ways to make a difference. But you can help—right now, from wherever you are. All of us, acting together, can help protect our community’s most vulnerable and the front-line healthcare providers who are taking care of them.
Your gift today will ensure that these critical dollars go back directly to the agencies themselves, enabling them to retain staff, employ longer hours, procure critical new equipment, build and establish COVID-isolation floors, and more.
Our expert fitness staff will be live-streaming many of your favorite group exercise classes throughout the week in our Mandell JCC Fitness Friends Facebook Group
Our friends at Hartford Athletic, Connecticut's professional soccer team, are hosting live workouts on their Instagram account with some of their players!
Join players every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on Instagram for an 'all levels' total body workout; no equipment needed, all ages and skill levels welcome.
We have two engaging Facebook Groups which will have regular
LIVE content, activities and community!
We invite you to join us!
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