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Staff Directory

Contacting us at the Mandell JCC couldn't be easier. Please see our directory below.

Our main phone number is 860-236-4571 and our fax is 860-233-0802. 

You can also e-mail us at  

Executive Director David Jacobs 860-231-6313
Associate Executive Director Annie Keith 860-231-6455
Chief Financial Officer Frank Resnick 860-231-6321
  Human Resources Director
Kim Charron 860-231-6439
Marketing Director Renee St. Louis 860-231-6369
Member Services      
Member Services   860-236-4571
Member Services Director Lia Wald 860-231-6308
Recreation & Wellness      
Recreation & Wellness Director Bonnie
Assistant Recreation & Wellness
Sara Billings 860-231-6331
Fitness Director Farrah Fiedler 860-231-6362
Personal Training Director Kathy
Pilates & Martial Arts Director Dave LaPorte 860-231-6338
Aquatics Director Jaine Mazer 860-231-6363
Assistant Aquatics Director Brian Ruyle 860-231-6434
Sports Director David Laudati 860-231-6320
Assistant Swim & Sports
Cassy Currie 860-231-6367
Sports Coordinator Thai Tran 860-231-6410
Health Spa Director Bob Gaudio 860-231-6431
Group Exercise Director Carmen Erian
Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital Physical Therapy Catherine King 860-231-6352
Program Services       
Adult Special Needs Coordinator Ilene Schloss 860-231-6355
Camping & Youth Services Dir. Karen Wyckoff 860-231-6317
Children's Director Colby Wyckoff 860-231-6334
Director of Community Engagement Elana MacGilpin 860-231-6327
Early Childhood Center Director
Pam Powell 860-231-6345
Early Childhood Services Director
Rhonda Wirth 860-231-6344
Early Childhood Center Asst. Dir. Gen Delay
ECC Director - Glastonbury Kate Bodmer
Family Room Parenting Center Dir. Jane Pasternak 860-231-6342
Film Festival Director Harriet Dobin 860-231-6350
New Americans Program Coordinator Lucy Dratva 860-231-6365
Rental Coordinator Mitchell Shakun 8690-231-6323
Senior Adult Director Sharon Holtzberg 860-231-6311
Sports Jams Director Thai Tran 860-231-6410
Swim & Tennis Club Manager Sara Billings 860-243-0794
Visual & Performing Arts Director Jill Ziplow 860-231-6339