Social Media Terms, Conditions & Policy

This page outlines the terms of use, conditions and disclaimer for all social media sites run by the Joyce D. & Andrew J. Mandell Greater Hartford Jewish Community Center (the JCC), including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs in all forms and more.


Disclaimer and General Info

The JCC’s social media sites are maintained and produced by the marketing team and staff of the JCC. Posted links to other websites should not be construed as an endorsement, advertisement, or affiliation with those materials, or the views contained therein.

The JCC is not responsible and cannot be liable for the content within links posted from non-JCC web material. Nor is the JCC responsible for the accuracy, information or organization represented in posted links. The JCC does not endorse or promote the organizations or sponsors in linked websites, or the views they express, or their products and services.

Images and other content found on posted links do not belong to the JCC and are not authorized for copyright use by the JCC. They are the property of each respective website.

Social Networking Policy

It is the JCC’s goal to provide and foster an interactive community on its social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, various blogs, etc. The JCC encourages interaction and communication between itself and its social media users. The JCC expects that its participants will treat each other with respect and be courteous of one another while on the JCC’s page or site.

The JCC reserves the right to delete comments posted, or remove and block users that post and submit materials that are offensive, vulgar, or abusive in language, including: offensive terms, wording and slang towards specific ethnic, racial or religious groups, violent or threatening posts, pornography, personalized attacks, spam and non-sponsor related posts regarding products or services, and more. Personal campaigning, promotions and company advertisements will also be removed.

Users are notified that they are held entirely responsible for the content and material they post or upload to the JCC’s social media sites. The user is also responsible for all copyright and intellectual property laws associated with the content they post.


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