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Operation Yes We Can

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Operation Yes We Can is Rolling!

Since its launch in early December 2008, our Mandell JCC community has generously participated in Operation Yes We Can, enabling us to deliver full shopping carts of kosher and non-kosher food each week to area food pantries. 

Yes, together we can make a difference in the lives of a growing number of families in need. We have launched Operation Yes We Can!, an ongoing food drive at the Mandell JCC, and request the participation of every member and guest.  The Center is available for donations from anyone, whether or not they are members of The Mandell JCC.

For more information, please visit the websites of Jewish Family Service and Foodshare.

Following is a letter from David Jacobs, Executive Director of the Mandell JCC 

The following is not a new story. Still, sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of our privileges.

FACT: 36 million people in America are considered “food insecure.” This is the number, as reported by The United States Department of Agriculture, who have difficulty keeping enough food on the table. Of this alarming number, over 12 million are children.

FACT: Over ten percent of families in Greater Hartford depend on private charitable food programs for their survival.

These figures were reported before the current economic crisis.

In fact, as our failing economy tears at a rapidly growing number of families, social service agencies are already experiencing significant increases in demands on food banks.

Importantly, our current hunger crisis is reaching beyond the usual borders.

Hunger America reports that "the number of middle class working families seeking food is where we are seeing the most growth. We don’t expect the lines to get any shorter at local food pantries anytime soon, and we won’t know how bad it really is until the future USDA numbers are released next year.” Those who go hungry can’t wait for “the numbers.” 

Each and every one of us who does not experience the tragedy of hunger in our everyday lives can do our share. Consider the thousands who come through our Mandell JCC every week. Imagine if we could collect just one can each week from each person! We are committing Operation Yes We Can as an ongoing campaign, because hunger is not just a holiday phenomenon. Operation Yes, We Can is an opportunity for our members to play a leadership role in helping to create a hunger-free community.

Operation Yes We Can will feature shopping carts conveniently placed around our Center.  Each week, cans collected will be donated to the food pantry at Jewish Family Service and to Foodshare. Also, we will periodically provide information about resources in the community, ways to discuss hunger with children, political action opportunities, and special projects and programs through which you can be involved.

The Jewish value of Ma’akhil R’evim – to feed the hungry – harkens back to the time of Abraham and Sarah who, with a kind and willing heart, fed the strangers in their tent. Donating food through Operation Yes We Can is akin to the days when we purposefully left a portion of our fields not harvested, so the poor could take what they needed – without the shame of having to ask. By willingly donating items to a food drive, we are following the leads of Abraham and Sarah. And we are setting an important example for our children and for the community.

Food is the most basic of human needs. Knowing that people spend their days and end their evenings worrying about their next meal, or more tragically, how they will feed their children is something that concerns us all. Operation Yes We Can is just one small way that together we can make a difference.

My thanks to you all for your generosity and support.


David Jacobs
Executive Director