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Jewish Local Greens

The Hazon Community-Supported Agriculture Project

Jewish Local Greens is a Jewish CSA that is partnering with Adamah, a Hazon affiliated farm in Northwestern CT, to bring healthy, farm fresh food to the Jewish community in the greater Hartford area.

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and describes a relationship between small farmers and their communities.  Individuals purchase a season’s worth of produce in advance, which provides the farm with start-up capital and a guaranteed market.  This arrangement helps ensure the survival of small farms and provides local communities with high quality, fresh produce.  Eating locally benefits everyone, the Earth included.

What is a Jewish CSA?
In addition to the monetary/vegetable relationship, members have an opportunity to learn how farming and local food relate to Judaism and Torah values.  We and the farm will create educational programs to link our Jewish community with this Jewish farm.

What is Adamah?
Adamah (Hebrew for Earth) is the largest educational Jewish farm in the U.S.  It is located in Falls Village, CT at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center.  Adamah connects people to their roots: to the land, to community, to Judaism, and to themselves by providing educational programs and products in order to build a more sustainable world. 

What is Hazon?
Hazon (Hebrew for vision) is America's largest Jewish environmental group  One of Hazon’s projects is to help Jewish communities create CSAs. This work has been recognized by Michelle Obama as the largest faith based CSA program in North America.

How does it work? 
In late winter, CSA members purchase a share of the farm’s produce. Then, from mid June to mid November, the farm brings the vegetables to its drop-off location at the Mandell JCC.  Members can pick up their weekly delivery on Thursdays between 4:00 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Once a month there will be a market at the drop-off location where members can purchase kosher cheese and pickle products. Members also volunteer three times during the growing season helping during the distribution.

What is in a share and what does it cost?
A share includes a diverse range of organically grown vegetables and is designed to be enough vegetables for a family of 4 for a week. Each share costs $600 (about $30 per week), which is below wholesale rates. There is also a one-time membership fee of $50, which enables Jewish Local Greens to join Hazon, network with other Hazon CSAs, receive expert advice, and create programs. Only full shares can be purchased, but friends or neighbors are welcome to submit an application for a full share and indicate multiple share partners.  See the signup information for more details.

How do I sign up?
See the registration form on the Jewish Local Greens website for information on deadlines and where to send your form and payment.