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There is no job more gratifying, more joyous, or more important than being a parent. There's also no job more overwhelming. The Mandell JCC offers a very special space where parents can spend time with their young children and learn how to be better parents –The Family Room Parenting Center.

In a room filled with cozy couches, a changing table, toys, games, a parenting resource library and a snug private place to nurse – the Family Room feels just like a home away from home. There's one important difference: it's staffed by a team of early childhood professionals who are as eager to help moms and dads learn and grow as they are to help the little ones. In the safe and nurturing confines of the Family Room, parenting becomes what it was always meant to be: the most wonderful adventure in the world.

Hours and Fees

The Family Room Parenting Center is open during the JCC's regular hours of operation. Membership in the Family Room is free for all JCC members.

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Special Needs Children – How can we Help?

The Mandell JCC welcomes all families. How we can help young children with special needs become a part of our JCC family? Please contact Jane at 860-231-6342 or We'd like to hear from you. 


For more information, please contact Jane Pasternak at 860-231-6342 or email to: