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Pilates™ Reformer Training

Like the Mandell JCC, many fitness facilities offer Mat Pilates™. Unlike the others, the Mandell JCC is proud to be one of the few local facilities to also offer Pilates™ Reformer Training, enabling faster and better results by using specially designed equipment.

Our certified instructors will help you achieve a mind-body workout while developing long, lean muscles, flexibility and a strong core (flat abdominals and a strong back). Pilates™ is ideal for all ages and is offered in both private and small group classes.

Pilates™ is a unique system of mind-body exercise which dramatically transforms the way your body looks. The exercises build strength without excess bulk; resulting in a sleek, toned shape. It teaches total body awareness and good posture. Pilates™ improves flexibility and agility and is often used by professional dancers and athletes to build strength and prevent injuries.

Special Offer!  Newcomers to Pilates Reformer can try one of our classes free of charge.  If you haven't yet participated in this exercise program, we'd like to give you the chance to try it out.  We'll open up our classes to give you the opportunity to experience this awesome machine.  If you are interested in finding out what the Pilates Reformer is all about, contact Dave LaPorte at 860-231-6338 or  Space is limited. 

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